Pro Staff Report

  • Takeshi Nakayama: Perfect Ten

    We had a successful fishing trip in September and all the members of the crew caught a fish over 10 kilos. We focused on the estuary area this time and managed to get a … Read More

  • Kazuhiro Uyama: Third Time’s The Charm

    For the third year, we went with the Fang Ops team on our annual trip to Papua New Guinea. This time I picked a spot which I used to use frequently, though it’s been … Read More

  • Kazuhiro Uyama: Fang, Esox Chapters

    In the spring of 2018, I headed to Irish waters for a test of Fang Giant as well as the new Fang swimbait. I want to first of all thank to the owner of … Read More

  • Kazuhiro Uyama: Beasts & Dragons

    I went to New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea again in July 2018. It was heavy rain just a day before arrival, so the condition of the water was at its worst. Still, … Read More

  • Seth Seden – The Flats

    Recently I planned a weekend trip to one of the many islands bordering the coast of Far North Queensland. The target for the next two days were the members of the trevally (Carangidae) family. … Read More

  • Kazuhiro Uyama: New Territories

    In January 2018 I went to West PNG for a research of a new area. In the estuary area, the condition of the bass was bad with heavy rain every day, but Barramundi’s activity … Read More

  • Kazuhiro Uyama: Papuan Return

    I went to New Britain Island just after some heavy rains in December for shooting. In Papua New Guinea, officially there is no rainy season and dry season exactly – on the other hand … Read More

  • Kazuhiro Uyama: Amazon Times

    Rattle version of Fangbait 120 was a big success in this trip! Until now, I always targeted arapaima with silent lure, but this time I opted of rattle version and after giving it a … Read More

  • Kazuhiro Uyama: Beastly Product Testing

    Me and the Fang Ops team went to PNG New Britain Island as a test for the Fang Ops team. We are putting the final touches on FangPop 120, FangStick 140 (Pencil Bait), FangShad, … Read More

  • Taking the “rough trail” with Malice 130

    I know that during Research and Development meetings in DUO headquarters, when it comes my name and ideas on the table, everybody have a glass of water and an aspirin ready for take off! … Read More

  • Do it DUO Style

    Glimmers of spring are starting to show, causing changes in the weather. The rough and wild seas are calming down, giving way to calm waters, full of reluctant pregnant fish. Large lures will barely … Read More

  • Markos Vidalis: Meet the Purple Massacre Coloration “ADA 0046”

    When I suggested DUO to create this color, I knew that the result would amaze everyone that would use it. But let’s get things from the beginning.  Why it had to be purple, right? … Read More

  • Fishing In Croatia: Early spring bass fishing with DUO International Jerkbait lures

    This winter was long in Europe and really cold weather postponed start of the fishing season. Even night temperatures are still under minus on the Celsius scale, last few days we had a short … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: Fangbait 140 SR Pike Limited

    This autumn I had a small number of outings on the lakes or rivers in search for pike. Even in this few fishing days I had a chance to prove myself that Fangbait 140 … Read More

  • Markos Vidalis: Tide Minnow 150 Surf

    Tide Minnow Surf 150 We all know that in high pressured fishing places with calm conditions, lures with very strong action tend to scare, rather allure the fish we targeting. It is true, and … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: The Ryuki Family

    The Ryuki family. There is no doubt that the image of the samurai or “he who serves”, the elite warrior of X century Japan , has, with time, turned into a symbol of ethics … Read More

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