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  • Jerremy Akiyama: Deprive ready for the world!!

    The long awaited collaboration lure between DUO and Coreman has already made a great impression on me! Although it was designed for seabass, I was out to target the yellowtails that are on the … Read More

  • Kazuhiro Uyama: Caught Cyado(Giant Snakehead) by Fangbait 120DR

    I went fishing for Cyado( Thai name of Giant Snakehead) to Thailand. The water quality was stained with the depth of about 6 feet on average. As I mentioned before, when it comes to … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Arm and face guards!

    Here’s something that may come to use for those countries around the world with a nasty sun. They come in three different colors so check out the details on the HP! Don’t leave home with … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: One afternoon, a same lure, a same color.

    I confess that when I received that range of color in the Ikakko. I wondered, what is captured with this … what does this pink color represent? I insist that I have never been … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: The older brother of the Tetra

    We all know that Rockfishing was favored when DUO launched in 2009 what I still call “the four crown jewels.” Four micro jigs of the brand Tetra Work brought new ideas and ways of … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: Schwan Shad

    WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT IT… Despite living in a city full of canals and never having seen anyone finishing in them, a marriage of fisherman friends assures me that they have captured several snappers … Read More

  • The New DUO Valkein.

    I have always said that in addition to quality, the added value of DUO are the new proposals of its CEO and designer M. Adachi, who surprises us with structural designs to withstand the … Read More

  • Pesca con los pequeños de DUO

    Hace ya varios años que en un muelle en Coquimbo junto a Pablo Echavarría, un gran amigo mío, comenzábamos a intentar pescar sierras con equipo para pejerrey. Se hacía divertido por el simple hecho … Read More

  • Andrew Grills: Deep Cranking

    Summertime in Texas… Yep, it can get pretty hot. It doesn’t get much hotter than a midday deep cranking session. It’s the most physically strenuous technique in bass fishing. It may feel more like … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Drag Metal in full swing

    With the Blackfin season in full swing, its time to test out the new item in DUO’s line up, the Drag Metal. Its small body silhouette yet with its absolute casting distance, I was … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: Pike Season started with DUO

    Realis CambiospinMy new pike season started in a sign of some relatively new lures from Duo International production. It is about 3 products that are very much suitable for pike fishing in different conditions. … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: In search for the 90+

    I’m back again at the paradise island for another photo shoot for the local Lure Paradise magazine. It’s quite difficult trying to work out the logistics and scheduling for an on-site photo shoot or … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Fishing shows in Japan

    The beginning of the year for manufacturers in the fishing industry is the busiest time of the year with back to back fishing shows held throughout Japan. Starting with the Japan Fishing Show in … Read More

  • David Swendseid: Tule Perch

    The Tule Perch is hunted by Largemouth bass in world class fisheries like Clear Lake and the California Delta. Experience anglers on these and other bodies of water have learned about the Tule Perch … Read More

  • David Swendseid: Pressured Water

    DUO’s US Manager and R&D Specialist, a former trophy hunter and State Record holder talks about considerations in catching trophy fish from “pressured water”.  Bodies of water that receive species-specific angling pressure, are exposed … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: Chub and bugs

    European chub is freshwater fish species from the Cyprinidae family, that both lives in rivers and in still waters. In rivers it can be found from the source to the mouth, even in the … Read More


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