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  • Felipu Yueng Gracia: My Trophy Fish

    One of the things that (in my case) keeps us motivated and active in fishing is to have new challenges and to force us to work on them until we achieve them. Otherwise, fishing … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: The autumn rain over the river, asp and Bay Ruf Manic

    Autumn is an perfect period for fishing. Summer heats are gone, days are colder and river temperature is slowly cooled, what have positive influence on the fish appetite. River predators will seize every opportunity … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: 2016 season ends in a bang

    At the tail end of the Blackfin season, I got perfect weather conditions to go out. At this time of the year, the weather pattern tends to change and very seldom do we get … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: Bay Ruf Manic – transparent decor is efficient

    Would you choose and purchase lure without color? Or to be more extreme, would you remove original color from your lure for some reason? I would and I know some other anglers who did … Read More

  • Ezequiel Romandetto: Surf Fishing

    The 2016 Surf Fishing Season started!,After 72 hours of camping we got some excellent results,the chosen lure were the Rough Trail Aomasa and the Tide Minnow Slim 175 Flyer.I already had some good results … Read More

  • David Swendseid: Intro

    DUO’s US Manager/ R n D product specialist  has a long track record of catching world class smallmouth.  He is responsible for teaching many top BASS and FLW tour professionals how to use Spybaiting … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: Black fin for mag shoot

    The area I live in Japan, Kumamoto (Amakusa) was hit with one of the strongest earthquakes since the massive disaster which crippled the North Eastern side of Japan with the huge Tsunami in 11th … Read More

  • Yuji Saiki: Flounder Fishing in Japan

     Needless to say, the target of the fishing most popular in Japan is a flatfish now as introduced before. The flat anglers continue still increasing. Every early morning, the shore is fully filled with … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: Spybaiting in Europe: Asp!

    Duo Realis Spinbait 80 is minnow type lure originally made to target suspended bass in lakes, but also can be used for other fish species. Asp (Aspius aspius) is very attractive predatory fish from … Read More

  • Fishing in Croatia: Pike season opened with Realis Jerkbait

    Well spring is finally here and we are allowed to catch our beloved predator – pike again. Some will try silicone lures like minnows or twisters, and the other like me will start season … Read More

  • Markos Vidalis: Tide Minnow Slim 120

    The Kick @ss Lure! In the recent years, saltwater anglers all around the world, throw a huge part of interest on larger minnows and periodically stopped using smaller ones. The common belief says “big … Read More

  • Markos Vidalis: The Flexibility of Weight

    Weight! A force born on the same day earth created and gives it a greedy character. Weight is important on our everyday life! More weight on us make chicks go away, less attracts them, … Read More

  • Ezequiel Romandetto: My first bass

    One of my “eluding fish” has always been bass. I do not have any of the DUO`s bass line lures, but it did not stop me from trying some of the other smaller SW … Read More

  • Rolando Cordoba: Spearhead Ryuki 70S

    It is not the first time I talk series Spearhead series – I consider it flagship among DUO`s freshwater proposal and this time I specifically want to focus on Ryuki 70S, 10 mm shorter … Read More

  • Ezequiel Romandetto: Sprint Time

    Light weight Fishing If we talk about Lure 4×4 the Tide Minnow Sprint 75 is one that without doubt should not be missed. Due to its universal side, this lure is very atractive for … Read More

  • Ezequiel Romandetto: Terrific Time

    Terrif DC-7 Bullet is without doubt the best friend one can have in their fishing box –  don`t be fooled by its size. This little lure is ideal for shallow water and thanks to … Read More

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