Park Jun Hyuck

Age: 27

City: Daegu

Country: Republic of Korea

Occupation: 自営業 (Manufacturing Contact lens)

Favorite Style of Fishing: Using a Swimbait or Crankbait

Favorite Target: Large-mouth bass

Favorite DUO Lures: Onimasu, Grade-A Series

Best DUO Catch: 55up 2.5kg over using the Rozante 77SP

What you like about DUO lures: Fashioned and basic Lures and they have innovation and sensation within the details. Most of all, the movement from the perfection of lure balance makes me fascinated and fall in love.

When did you start fishing: I’ve started fishing from the graduation at Elementary school. Followed my father, I have got to know the special lures and the fishing ways at my middle school life. From that time, I’ve been falling into lure fishing. I have been trying to fish as much as possible and  I will continuously do this more and more. Never give up!

Dream place for fishing: Biwako, Japan


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