Raul Marti Pereira

Age: 36

City: Tarragona

Country: SPAIN

Occupation: Machine Assembly

Favorite Style of Fishing: Spinning

Favorite Target: Tuna 50 kl

Favorite DUO Lure: DUO Rough Trail Aomasa

Best DUO Catch: Tuna of 50kg

What you like about DUO lures: High Quality, lots of variety, universal for all kind of species. They are always improving the product and a wide range of colors. -A dream for all fishermen.

When did you start fishing: I come From Family of fishermen, always been fishing, fly-fishing and spinning since 19 years.

Dream place for fishing: I am a lover of top water fishing, and a fish that I would love fish is peacock bass. It lives in many parts of the world, like Brazil or Colombia. It`s very different from my usual target and its aggressiveness is very appealing.


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