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  • Jerremy Akiyama: Deprive ready for the world!!

    The long awaited collaboration lure between DUO and Coreman has already made a great impression on me! Although it was designed for seabass, I was out to target the yellowtails that are on the … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: In search for the 90+

    I’m back again at the paradise island for another photo shoot for the local Lure Paradise magazine. It’s quite difficult trying to work out the logistics and scheduling for an on-site photo shoot or … Read More

  • Jerremy Akiyama: 2016 season ends in a bang

    At the tail end of the Blackfin season, I got perfect weather conditions to go out. At this time of the year, the weather pattern tends to change and very seldom do we get … Read More

  • Australian Barramundi Expedition: Movie

    Here is the footage of the Australian barramundi expedition. In brief, it was a successful mission considering the weather conditions. We were out to test some of the samples of the FangOps series in … Read More


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